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Fall House League Registration Links
by posted 07/10/2018

These are the links for the registration pages for the 2018 Fall House League. We are using seperate links for the different grades and genders, so please make sure that you have the proper birthday, grade (if your child is in K1 enter -1 for their grade, and for K2 enter 0 for their grade), and gender entered for your children so that they can be registered under the appropriate link. As always, if you do not pay at time of registration, it will be deleted from the system after 30 minutes. Please contact us if you need any assistance.


Fall Registration Opens on July 10th, and closes on August 10th


The links are as follows:

Girls K1-K2

Girls Grade 1-2 

Girls Grade 3-4 

Boys K1-K2 

Boys Grade 1-2 

Boys Grade 3-4 

Grade 5-6 (Boys and Girls) 

Grade 7-8 (Boys and Girls) 

The fall season starts on Sunday September 9th and finishes on November 4th. There will be no games on Columbus Day weekend October 7th

We will follow the same game times as the spring...K1-K2 9am-10am...Grade 1-2 10:30-11:30am...Grade 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 will all play 12-1pm


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