DYS Updates

Good Afternoon!

Yesterday (May 1st) was a great day down at PJP!  The sun was shining and the kids, parents and coaches were having a great time on the soccer field. 

Here are a few reminders for this week.  

1)  Yes, there is soccer this Sunday, Mother's Day.  There will be no House League soccer on Memorial Day Weekend.

2)  We kindly ask you to keep your dogs off the soccer fields.  Not only is there a sign saying no dogs on the field,  but many children and adults are scared or not fond of dogs.  If you want to bring your dog, please watch the games from outside the fence.  Thank you for understanding.

3) I was just running through the park and I saw (and cleaned up) many empty water bottles, dunkin donuts cups and other trash.  Please look around when you are leaving the field and pick up any trash near you.  We are lucky to have this beautiful complex to use each week and we need to keep it clean. 

Have a great week!  See you on Sunday.


         May 8th Schedule

        K GIRLS    
1A    Phoenix    v    Wolverines
1B    Sao Paulo    v    City
2A    Shamrocks    v    Diamonds
2B    Timbers    v    Olimpique
        K BOYS    
3A    Chiefs    v    Boca Jr
3B    Meteors    v    Manchester United
4A    Aces    v    Patriots
4B    Univ    v    Cougars
        1/2 GIRLS    
1A    Breakers    v    Spurs
1B    Fire    v    Dragons
2A    Real    v    Liverpool
        1/2 BOYS    
3A    Arsenal    v    Jets
3B    Everton    v    Warriors
4A    Gladiators    v    Aston Villa
4B    Manchester City    v    Galaxy
        3/4 GIRLS    
1    Eagles    v    Hawks
2    Revolutions    v    Fury
        3/4 BOYS    
3    Bulls    v    Rapid
4    Dynamo    v    Union
7    AC Milan    v    Barcelona
8    Real Madrid    v    Athletico