How to register in DYS?
Follow the registration link and the instructions to register to any of our soccer programs

How to stay informed about DYS and its programs?
If you have an account in DYSsoccer.com, you will get by email communication about our programs and soccer opportunities in the area.
You may also join the email list by clicking on the “Join email list” link on the left hand side menu of the website.

After registration what is next?
When you register for one of the seasonal house league programs, before the season begins we will notify you by email of the team assignment and other pertinent information.

In what team is my child placed?
Once we completed the assignment of all teams and coaches, you will receive an email informing you of your child’s team.

You may also check yourself at the teams menu on the main page of DYS website. Follow these steps:

Go to "Teams" menu

Select on "Choose a Team"

Select "House League (Season, YEAR)"

Select your child's division (Ux)

Select your child's team name

On the left hand side menu you will see the "Roster" button.

What are the age and school grade groups?
U6: (K-1 and K-2) or 4-5 year olds
U8: (1st and 2nd) or 6-7 year olds
U10: (3rd and 4th) or 8-9 year olds
U12: (5th and 6th) or 10-11 year olds
U14: (7th and 8th) or 12-13 year olds

How many players per team in each age group?
U6: Co-ed, played 4 v 4 with 10 player rosters
U8: Co-ed, played 5 v 5 with 10 player rosters
U10: Co–ed  played 6 v 6 with 12 player rosters
U12: Co-ed played 8 v 8 with 15 player rosters
U14: Co–ed played 8 v 8 with 15 player rosters

Is there late registration?

How do I find out about the game time?
During the league season, every week before Sunday you will receive an automatically generated email informing your child’s time and game.
You may also check in the website (DYSsoccer.com) your team's game schedule.
Go to "Teams" menu
Click on House League (Fall 2016)
Look for your division and team
On the left hand side menu there is schedule.

How do I contact the coach of child’s team?
Login to your account in DYSsoccer.com.

Look for your team in the teams menu and then click on roster.

In the roster's page you will find the button to email your kid's coach.

What if I cannot pay the registration electronically?
We usually hold a one- or two-days walk-in registration before the end of the online registration. Parents should make every effort to attend any of those in-person registration dates. Registration is no longer accepted at Pope John Paul II fields.

What are the game times?
The general guidelines for game times are:

Games are played on Sundays

U6 division plays at 9:00 AM
U8 division plays at 10:15 AM
U10 division plays at 11:30 AM
U12 division plays at 10:00 AM
U14 division plays at 11:00 AM