Parents Corner

The purpose of Dorchester Youth Soccer is to promote and enhance the game of soccer for the youth of Dorchester and surrounding Boston communities.  At DYS, special emphasis is placed on the promotion of the game as a confidence builder, and as a family-oriented activity that provides bonding, teamwork and friendships.


As parents, adhering to the following guidelines will go a long way in making your child's soccer experience an enjoyable one.


  • Always encourage your child, win or lose.
  • Don't set unrealistic goals for your child. Be aware of their age and ability.
  • Respect your child's opponents. Do not address them directly except to cheer good play.
  • Always provide a safe environment for your child to play soccer by providing them with the correct equipment.  All children need to wear shin guards. If your child does not have them, they cannot play. No hats or jewelry, including watches, can be worn while playing.  This is for the safety of the children. 
  • Encourage your child and the other children on the team by being their best fan and cheerleader.
  • Be a positive role model. Do not use foul or abusive language during games.
  • Leave the coaching to the coaches and do not "coach" your child from the sideline. Let coaches do their job.  Communicate openly and kindly with them after the game ends if you disagree with their approach.  Be respectful and show grace when they make mistakes. Remember that coaches are volunteers. 
  • Stay away from goalkeepers while they are playing.  All parents should be on one side of the field and the players and coach on the opposite side.  Nobody should sit behind the nets.
  • Be respectful and supportive of the referees and other game officials.
  • We strongly suggest you and your child take concussion training - EDC Concussion training.  For children ages 3 to 10  years old you can access another site [ original link broken ].  It is a cartoon site and should hold their attention. It is mandatory for all youth involved in City of Boston activities to complete the concussion training. 
  • If you have any problems at the field, please see one of the league officers.
  • Always remember, it is only a game. Have fun and your child will too.